The I.A.U.P. stands for the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

This is a policy put in place by the New York City Department of Education. These are things you should and should not do with your DOE laptop.

Click here to download the letter you and your parents must sign before you can sign out a laptop at QC:

Open the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Got time? Read the whole policy! But if you don't, here are some things you should definitely know.

  1. Scroll down to section E.2 Privacy.
    • Although you are granted personal use of a DOE laptop during the school day, please note that you are being monitored. They will be using "cookies" to track where you've been, when you went there, and what you did there.
    • Any information found on your laptop becomes public information that may be used in administrative hearings and a court of law.
    • There is NO SUCH thing as PRIVACY on a DOE laptop. Everything belongs to the DOE.
  2. Scroll down to section E.7 Limitations on Internet Use.
    • No pictures of yourself or personal contact info can be exchanged with anyone unless your parent has granted written permission.
    • Alert the teacher right away if anyone tries to contact you in an illicit (fishy) manner online.
    • No ILLEGAL activities!
      • No stealing passwords or logging on as someone else
      • No trying to get around the DOE proxy
      • No deliberate virus attacks or vandalism of computers
      • No using the computer for drugs, alcohol, violence
      • No (cyber)bullying
      • No inappropriate language
  3. Scroll down to section E.7.F Respecting Resource Limits.
    • Laptops are to be used for educational purposes only. Don't use it for your personal business or for purchasing personal affects. (Remember, everything you do on your laptop is being tracked.) Do use it for doing school-related work. That's why you have them.
    • Do not download large files.
    • Do not engage in chain letters or spam. Just delete anything you might receive along those lines.
    • Empty your DOE mailbox often. You WILL run out of room if you do not.
  4. Scroll down to section E.7.G Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement.
    • Do NOT copy from the internet (pictures and text). If you use anything from the internet, take down its sources and cite it. Do not claim it as your own.
  5. Scroll down to section E.7.H Access to Inappropriate Material.
    • Do NOT access anything profane, obscene, illegal, violent or discriminatory.
  6. Scroll down to section E.7.I Other.
    • Do NOT use the laptop for business, religious, political or social reasons.
  7. Scroll down to section E.9.A E-mail Acceptable Use Guidelines.
    • Use your DOE e-mail for school-related purposes. Keep your personal stuff in your own personal e-mail. The DOE even OWNS and has access to your DOE e-mail account! (See E.2.Privacy).
    • Don't open any unknown attached files. Read: VIRUSES and WORMS can attack your computer, and you'll be without one for however long it takes to get fixed!
    • Do NOT use your e-mail for the purpose of "transmitting threatening, offensive harassing information (messages or images) containing defamatory, abusive, obscene, pornographic, sexually oriented, racially offensive, or otherwise biased, discriminatory, or illegal material."
    • Don't forward junk mail, spam, chain letters, etc.