A full version of this policy can be found on page 3 of the September Newsletter:

How do I handle my laptop?

Responsibilities for laptop care
Utilizing a laptop in every class is a privilege and not a right. Where much is given, much is required, and as such here are your responsibilities that must be fulfilled to have the privilege of using the laptops.

Students must review the Internet & Laptop Usage Policy (IAUP) with their teacher, and their parent/guardian and return it signed before they are eligible for a laptop.
  1. Be on time to your first class. If you are tardy, it may not be possible to get your laptop for the day.
  2. Students must always show the bottom dock that shows which windows are open.
  3. Keep all food, candy, gum or drinks away from the laptops.
  4. Personal laptops are not allowed at school.
  5. To carry the laptop, close the screen, and use two hands, holding it to your chest. An alternative would be to purchase a backpack that has a laptop section or an appropriate laptop carrying bag and use the bag according to standard use.
  6. Always place the laptop directly in the middle of your desk.
  7. You must “go to 45” or close your laptop immediately, any time an adult asks you to do so.
  8. No sound on the computer unless permission is given. If sound is approved, headsets must be used, and sound must not be audible to others around you. No singing, tapping, or other noise that will distract others, unless approved by the teacher in a music class.
  9. Always remain on task in the program and doing the assignment the teacher asked you to do.
  10. Go only to appropriate websites. The school has invested in web monitoring software and we will know if you are not abiding by this rule. DOE IAUP prohibits any non- work related web surfing.
  11. When the teacher says, “Close your laptop,” you will take your hands off of the keyboard, close the screen and look directly in the teacher’s eyes.
  12. Keep your hands on your own laptop. You should only ever have your laptop. If someone else has negligently left their laptop somewhere unattended (i.e. lunchroom, library, etc), notify the nearest teacher and follow their instructions.
  13. Laptops must be kept in your possession at all times, and returned to the appropriate place at the end of the day for charging. Failure to take care of your laptop will result in a laptop time out until it is fixed. If the damage is due to neglect or blatant disregard for rules and regulations, there may be a cost involved in fixing the laptop. If the laptop damage is due to no fault of your own, a loaner laptop will be made available for your use while your laptop is being repaired.
  14. Report any problems with your laptop to the teacher immediately.
  15. Laptop care is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to:
    1. promptly tell the teacher when your laptop is not working properly.
    2. plug your laptop in properly each afternoon.
    3. protect your laptop while walking, sitting and otherwise regular usage.
    4. keep it clean.
  16. Students must check out the laptop each morning by leaving their laptop card in the appropriate slot, signifying to the teacher that they have taken their laptop.

What if I mishandle my laptop?

Consequences for breaking the rules:
(not necessarily in this order--i.e. if you commit a more serious infraction, you will get a higher penalty, even if it is your first time)

Definition of laptop time out:
Laptop time out is a time that you do not have your laptop, but you are still responsible for the same exact work using pen and paper.
  1. Half-day laptop time out & 1st offense form logged onto SnapGrades
  2. Full day laptop time out & 2nd offense form logged onto SnapGrades
  3. Parent contacted, two full days without laptop & 3rd offense form logged onto SnapGrades
  4. Parent-advisor conference & potential permanent removal of laptop

When students lose their laptop privileges, their green laptop card will be void, and they will be given a red card that signifies that they are not eligible to use the laptops.

A full version of this policy can be found on page 3 of the September Newsletter: