QC Teaching PD Resources

The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators is a FREE eBook for educators and administrators.

In it you will find 100s of free tools that might be useful to you in the classroom as well as insights from educators around the world using tools like Twitter and Skype to improve learning in the classroom. This 82 page book is well-worth taking a look at and trying out some of the tools in your classrooms.

Essential PDs

Here is the longer list of these same PDs listed by category area:

Google Day
  • Google Account (Using DOE e-mail)
    • Docs
    • Forms
    • Google Sites (Digital Portfolio)
    • Blogger

Student Data

Online Courses
  • Castle Learning (supplement/Regents)
  • PowerSpeak (French / Spanish)
  • Aventa (AP / 6th grade)
  • Apex (differentiated / lots of curriculum / 1 child -->3+ courses) - 81 licenses


Presentation Tools

ActivBoard Day

Teacher Community

Extra Sites:

There are some more random educational sites listed here:
http://njwltech.wikispaces.com/Explore and http://njwltech.wikispaces.com/Create