2nd Trimester Course Selection:

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2nd Trimester Survey (to be completed by FRIDAY, 11/19 or your classes will be chosen for you)

All Online Classes can be accessed at http://www.ilearnnyc.net.

  • Click on Virtual Learning Environment
  • Click on the course (see below) you are taking
  • Log in with your DOE username and password

For Consumer Math:

To all Consumer Math students:
Please read this message from Ms. Jackson. It is urgent that you read it asap as there are specific dates as to when assignments are due.

Aventa Users:

Please go to http://aventalearning.com/login.
Usernames and passwords can be obtained from Ms. Macaluso.

For Geography and Cultures:

Email assignments to: missciarniello@gmail.com.

For Spanish students:

From Ms. Oswald:
These are the notes all Spanish students will be accountable for. I will post deadlines later once I get a feel for how the classes are progressing.

Providers are as follows:

  • Apex: Geography & Cultures,
  • Aventa: Physics, Consumer Math, 6th grade Social Studies
  • Conspiracy Code (a US history video game)
  • K12: PowerSpeak languages (French & Spanish)
  • Students taking the College Process should sign in to INeedAPencil.com for SAT prep and register jdubei@schools.nyc.gov as their mentor. We are hoping to receive access to the College Board’s online SAT prep, but passwords are not yet available.

SCREENCAST #1: How to login to the VLE: http://screenjel.ly/5sZWOA4omRg
SCREENCAST #2: Logging in for the first time: Changing your temporary password to a permanent one: http://screenjel.ly/yx1q7t-fWpM
SCREENCAST #3: Logging into PowerSpeak: http://screenjel.ly/QHxIVciKW_I
SCREENCAST #4: Navigating around PowerSpeak: http://www.screencast.com/t/ZjMyNWExMGQ

Can't get into your courses?

Here are some websites that our students in study hall can use if they do not have homework or other assignments:

Linguascope (Online Language Learning) - see your teacher for username and password
CastleLearning (all continuing students can log in, new students are being added)
High School Ace
Quiz Hub
How to Study
Top 10 Math websites
Literacy Websites for HS Students
Geography Games
Free SAT Prep--- Number 2
United Nations Cyber School Bus
National Geographic Kids

News sites:
NY Times
Time Magazine